End of the World

Final Composite

Concept Note:

This is a concept artwork piece. I was looking at the end of a fantasy world.

I was inspired by the Greek myth of titan Atlas who used to hold the Heavens on his shoulders. The pillars on the rocks were responsible for keeping afloat the mini sun which provided energy to the entire world. However they were bent down with the power of the sun and collapse was inevitable.

The image captures the final moments before the sun will fall onto the ground destroying the world.


The entire scene was modelled, textured and rendered in Blender. I was experimenting with procedural textures and the layer weight node that time. I was also using procedurally generated texture as normal maps for more details.

Clay Render

You can see the various renders I took from left to right. The left render has a nice shine on the rocks from light bounce. The middle one had the extra texture details on the pillars. The right one had volumetric shader added. I tweaked the volumetric shader to get a cloudy effect as shown below. I finally layered the 3 images in photoshop and masked out the details I liked from each render to get the final composite.

This was my first attempt with volumetric fog in the scene.