Product Design: Moondrop Chu

Concept Note:

I wanted new earphones for portability over my headphones. When I was doing my research I found about the new product of Moondrop called Chus. I read positive reviews and decided to purchase them.

While waiting for them to be available in India, I decided to do a 3d model of them. I practiced my model placement for product design in this project.


There were not many product pictures from different angles available on the internet. I decided to work with the few pictures from the official website. I was able to get most of the shape of the top half correct but the bottom earbud part was not easy to do.

The shading was simple materials and the logo was a simple plane modelled in a similar shape. For the background I was trying to make sound bars like an equalizer in the color scheme of the earphones.

I also decided to remove the wire connector and wires as the earphones looked better without it in the render.