Being used to doing some kind of art challenge in the month of october, I decided to create my own challenge for me. I decided to use Blenders default cube as everyone usually deletes it and I wanted to try creating something with it. So throughout the October of 2022, I was making various artworks around the one set pose of the cube.

Lava cube

Frost cube

Chrome cube

Cheese cube

Egg cube

Gummy cube

Burger cube

Fries cube

Cola cube

Sun cube

Earth cube

Moon cube

Pokémon cube

Minecraft cube


Galactical cube

Holographic cube

QR code cube

This is not a cube

One and three cubes

Watercolor cube

Rainbow cube

Lantern cube

Candle cube

Amber cube

Spaceship cube

Nuclear cube

Watermelon cube

Carrot cube

Pumpkin cube

Ghost cube

Collage cube