A fateful encounter

Concept Note:

I grew up watching Pokémon on television. They would always air the first 3 seasons on a loop that time. Thus I loved the Kanto region a lot. I decided to make an artwork for the show.

One of the most impactful moments of the series is when Ash was carrying Pikachu who didn't trust him at the time to the Pokémon center. They happened to see the legendary bird Pokémon Ho Oh in the sky.

The popular fan theory says that Ash wished Ho Oh that his Pokémon journey should never stop which is why he is shown to be 10 years in many future seasons.

I decided to recreate that moment.


The terrain was generated by subdividing a plane and pulling up different vertices. I created the mountains and cliffs using ant-landscape generator add on in Blender.

For the character model and Pokémon models, I downloaded free cc 3d models from the internet. I modified them a little bit by rigging them and posing them.

After that I played around with the atmosphere and lighting to get the result I wanted.