Sploder Games

I loved playing games a lot. Some times I would have trouble beating certain games or thought that a game could have done something differently. The very first time I messed around with making my own video games was the custom scenario creator in Age of Empire game series. But I would just place different objects and take control of an army and fight the other units as I did not know how to set the custom flags back then.

Around 2011-12 I was making platformer games on cartoon networks website. They had a Ben10 and star wars game creator back then. It was limited to 2d platformer in the Ben10 creator and top down game in the star wars creator. I found this website called sploder.com around that time. They offered 4 different types of game engines. Platformer game creator was a 2d side scroller type of engine, Physics game engine had physics simulation, Robot game creator was a top down 2d machine with sci fi objects and shooter engine was a top down isometric shooter. You could also create custom pixel graphics over there and it was the first time I did animation. It was all based on Flash so when the support for flash ended in 2020, the website has not been fully functional. The login support has been taken off and new games cannot be made or old games cannot be played.

Sploder was a huge part of my life back then and I had got all of my friends into creating accounts on the website and we all used to make games and try to beat each others games. This website is also why I decided to become a Game designer.

A page of the website has been embedded below. A video recording will be posted soon.