Christmas in a bottle

Concept Note:

This was my artwork made for christmas. I used the techniques learnt the previous day from Mushrooms in a bottle to make this piece.


I started by blocking off a cylinder into a bottle. Looking at the dimensions, I was able to create the ground from a subdivided cube.

For the christmas tree I started with the leaves. I took a circle and moved a few vertices towards the centre and a few away. Then I dragged the outer vertices downwards and got the shape. After that I duplicated the shape, moved it up and rotated to keep it different.

All the decorations were simple primitives scattered on the christmas tree using geometry nodes. I used geometry nodes to create the fake snowfall outside the scene.

The snowman was created at the end with spheres for body and flattened spheres for eyes. A cone became the carrot. Another cone was lattice deformed to become the hat. I wanted to create a scarf but I was not able to due to time constaints.