Ferris Wheel

Concept Note:

The Ferris wheel is the 1st of my amusement park rides series. This project was made to experiment with different animations and how they work. I was also experimenting lighting and having multiple animations going at the same time.


I started with simple blockouts of shapes which I used as a base template for the ferris wheel. I decided to model the cabins properly to show that it is a ferris wheel.

The old lighting was set around pre evening time. The bright lighting was good but it did not feel like a carnival.

The images of the older version are below.

For the refined version, I looked at various references of real life ferris wheels. The back base was changed completely to a pole with beams on sides to support it. This change made the model look sleeker.

Lights were added on the model to make it glow. The global light was removed to make it a night scene. The video animation of the final version is embedded below.